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Jonathan Gelbart "knows the needs of district schools, having spent considerable time listening to county and district superintendents around the state." He is "well spoken" and "already has a detailed plan to put the department on more solid footing in his first 100 days. We have no doubt he has the energy and ability to carry it out." He is "the best" of the Republican field.

Former Congressman Jim Kolbe

Jim Kolbe“Jonathan Gelbart is exactly the visionary leader Arizona deserves as its next Superintendent of Public Instruction. He is determined to create a new model for public education that gives teachers more flexibility, prioritizes student learning and continues to put Arizona education on the national stage. His experience managing large education-focused budgets is precisely what's needed to run the Superintendent's office smoothly. I'm confident our kids and their education would be in good hands with Jonathan Gelbart.



Former Arizona State Senator and Education Committee Chairman Rich Crandall

20151214__Rich-Crandall-Headshot-2015p1.jpg“Having served in the Arizona State Legislature during the biggest hit to public education, I know tough decisions needed to be made. Jonathan Gelbart is the exact kind of guy who can make the right decisions to get education on the right track again. His experience in developing successful schools and administering multi-million-dollar budgets is the exact kind of oversight we need. Jonathan Gelbart is my choice for State Superintendent, and I hope you join me in voting for him!



Mesa City Councilmember Chris Glover

chris_glover.jpg“As one of the first millennials to run for office in Arizona, I am passionate about Arizona's future. In keeping with that spirit, I’m proud to support Jonathan Gelbart for State Superintendent. As a city councilmember for Mesa, I understand the necessity for successful schools. Jonathan Gelbart has experience in creating successful schools and ensuring long-term sustainability. It’s important that we properly educate the children of today, because they’ll create a better tomorrow. That’s why I hope you’ll join me in voting for Jonathan.” 



Mesa City Councilmember Kevin Thompson

“The education system has to start thinking more broadly about how to ensure the next generation of leaders in Arizona receives the best possible education. Our students need a voice that understands the importance of looking beyond test scores and emphasizing self-motivation, creativity, and open-ended problem solving to make sure every student, regardless of their demographic, is prepared for success in the modern world. Join me in supporting Jonathan Gelbart for Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Mesa City Councilmember Mark Freeman



Mesa Public Schools Governing Board Member Elaine Miner

“As a governing board member for Mesa Public Schools, the largest school district in the state, I endorse Jonathan Gelbart to lead Arizona's Department of Education. We need a State Superintendent who will competently execute the duties of the office and who understands the nuances and needs of district schools. Jonathan has a strong work ethic, is diligent about understanding what we want our schools to be, gifted with a strong intellect and has the right passion for the job.”


Queen Creek Unified School District Governing Board Member Judah Nativio

Judah Nativio“As a Governing Board Member for Queen Creek Unified School District, I see firsthand the burden that heavy state regulation and an overemphasis on strict compliance has on school districts. Jonathan Gelbart is the only candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction that has articulated and prioritized a platform that provides more freedom and flexibility to school districts and teachers. With Jonathan at the helm, educators will be empowered to do what they do best: provide the highest quality education to all Arizona students.”


Cave Creek Unified School District Governing Board Member Cynthia Weiss

“As a public education advocate and school board member, I'm deciding to support Jonathan Gelbart for State Superintendent. He has stood out in the crowd as the candidate who can bring the innovation Arizona's education system so desperately needs. I'm confident Jonathan will make decisions that raise up all children in our state with an eye toward the future while supporting local control and school choice.”


Saddle Mountain Unified School District Governing Board Member and Past President Paul Roetto

roetto.jpg"Jonathan has a real handle on how education works and doesn't work. He has a grasp of what the responsibilities of the Superintendent of Public Instruction are. I trust that for what he doesn't know, he will surround himself with knowledgeable people...and listen. We need a true servant like Jonathan."



Grassroots Republican Activist Jeni White, M.Ed.

"With Jonathan Gelbart as State Superintendent of Public Instruction, we will see the Department of Education re-engineered and finally run like a business. While other candidates bicker over old buzzwords and make promises they can't keep, Jonathan has worked with educators across the state to craft a concrete, forward-looking action plan that directly addresses the needs of Arizona schools, students, and their families. 

"Jonathan's plan reflects his commitment to cut unnecessary red tape and emphasize service in every aspect. The way he developed it reflects the unparalleled work ethic, authenticity, discernment, and collaborative skills he has demonstrated from day one.

"I trust Jonathan to support our schools -- all of them -- in providing the best possible education for each student. That's why I'm voting Jonathan Gelbart for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I encourage you to join me."