Top Priorities

  1. Promote innovation in education at every level
    • Encourage 21st century learning that is personalized, competency-based, project-based and interdisciplinary
    • Focus on the skills necessary in the modern workforce: self-motivation, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving
    • Allow teachers to focus on teaching with more flexibility and creativity, not paperwork and testing
    • Ensure high standards in math, reading, science, US history, and civics—with more flexibility on how to get there

  2. Rebuild and transform the Arizona Department of Education
    • Instill a culture of service: the department’s mission must be to support schools, not simply to enforce compliance
    • Build an exceptional team with the expertise and institutional knowledge to assist schools in need
    • Bring together other government agencies as needed to solve problems quickly and effectively
    • Reduce unnecessary regulations and promote local control while maintaining accountability

  3. Support and champion public schools in the legislature and with the governor
    • Advocate for full funding of school needs, including capital and special education
    • Emphasize local control, not one-size-fits-all models
    • Support career technical education (CTE)
    • Continue as a national leader in school choice